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June 16, 2011 / Robert Ross

urban tree farming

One of the most memorable features of Atlanta is the remarkable mature tree canopy that shades and cools the inner city neighborhoods. Sadly, every year many of these mature trees succumb to strong winds, storms or illness resulting in the need for their removal.  Other times, trees need to be removed because they have become a safety hazard, or simply because construction requires it. Frequently seen as a waste disposal  issue I was recently introduced to a company that turned this problem into an opportunity that was “green” to boot!

Forest Free Lumber Cycle

Meet Eutree, an intown lumber mill combining its commitment to ecological principles with sound business practices, all while transforming tree waste into a highly marketable product line. An elegant synergy.

The brainchild of business partners Joel Tovi and Sims Acuff,  Eutree evolved as a natural extension of their tree service, Tree Tailors . They recognized this as an opportunity to positively purpose the natural byproduct of their tree removal work.  Something they’ve aptly termed “Forest Free Lumber”.

Simply put, they take the raw materials harvested by Tree Tailors and other tree services, hand select the best logs and then mill them into dimensional lumber, wood flooring and those unique slabs prized by artisan furniture makers.  The next logical expansion of their business will include custom cabinetry production and is scheduled to commence in the next couple of weeks.

The mature age of the trees they are harvesting allows Eutree to provide wider and denser planks than those typically available. The advanced age of the trees also allows for longer planks, typically beginning at 8′.  They also offer  traditional quarter-sawn planking not typically available. The intown location keeps transportation costs to a minimum and allows them to maintain a competitive price point.

Another source for their raw materials is demolition. Old commercial buildings are a prime source for heart pine and other native lumbers no longer commercially available. This provides a unique local material that extends the life cycle of the timber well beyond its original intent through recycling and reuse. This practice also keeps an extremely valuable resource out of the landfills.

Both companies stress customer service. Beyond removal, Tree Tailors offers a tree maintenance program that includes canopy selection and vista pruning guided by their ISA certified arborists.  Properly groomed trees enhance the value to your property as well as extend their life. In the event removal is required, it is possible for a client to have a tree removed by Tree Tailors, sent to Eutree and reinstalled as flooring 6-8 weeks later! While they may not have the most robust selection of hardwoods available, they do have some of the choicest. Do yourself a favor and check them out.



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  1. Eutree Forest-Free / Jun 17 2011 9:29 am

    Great article. You explained everything perfectly.

  2. Paula Ponath / Jun 18 2011 9:54 am

    Great Idea! Wish we had the same here locally.

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