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August 30, 2012 / Robert Ross

the next wave……….

It seems every time you turn around there is another social media platform that becomes an indispensable marketing tool (AKA time sink) for business. The newest rage is pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual scrapbooking system. This easy system allows the user to create and maintain individual “boards” on topics of their choice. by letting users easily save or “pin” images and items from across the web into a single place, the “board”.

Originally, used by hobbyists to maintain project ideas, it has exploded in popularity to become the 3rd largest social medium platform in use today. As such it has caught the eye of a those in the creative fields. They are after all used to working with collections of images and items to create something new.

As part of my new marketing plan I have opted in and am now a huge fan. Unlike facebook, it is simple to keep a collection of projects and ideas easily accessible for yourself and others.  You can search for ideas and products and create a board tailored to your whims. For myself, I am creating boards for projects that I want to share and give my clients and friends a glimpse into what makes me tick! Here is a screenshot of my current page.  To see the full page click here .

Each board contains images of individual projects that I can reorder as the library grows. I’ve created other boards for ideas and are they are inspirational in nature. After the images were loaded and everything was in place, it amazed me that the projects and images, though spanning almost a decade in time, maintained a consistency that I was not aware of.

Currently I don’t think it will replace facebook for constant contact, but it will certainly augment and enhance my marketing efforts. My website, facebook and now pinterest form a terrific trio for internet marketing. Catch the wave!


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