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January 1, 2015 / Robert Ross

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015!!!

This past year I’ve enjoyed becoming acquainted with several other architects through social media. We share ideas, articles projects and sources via twitter and facebook. One of the activities I’ve particularly found myself looking forward to is our Monday scavenger hunt resulting in several posts of contemporary residential design from each of the 50 states.

Each Monday a state is randomly chosen by the child of one of the participants and posted. We all then scour the internet and try to come up with unique examples of what we consider good design and make a comment about why we selected it. Invariably someone misses, and there are the occasional, although rare, duplicate entries. For the most part what ensues is a the creation of a collection of good design that most of us would not otherwise be aware of.

Equally amazing to me is that we all tend to search for the livable and attainable. What is posted are not the pristine, museum pieces that so often adorn the pages of numerous publications. We all tend to gravitate toward real life examples that display rich and unexpected pairings of materials,explore the relationships of interior and exterior space or pay attention to the larger contextual relationship of the designs. As one participant (I think it was Lee) lamented about our recent trip to Florida…It was challenging to find something that didn’t fall into the standard white stucco model or look like a hospital!

So as 2015 starts I would like to thank my fellow participants on this quest
Marica McKeel, Studio MM – New York, NY
Nicholas Renard, Cote Renard Architects – Jacksonville FL
Lee Calisti, Lee CALISTI architecture+design – Greensburg, PA
Sean J. Tobin, Architect – Raleigh, NC
Keith Palma, Cogitate Design– Raleigh, NC
Jess Stafford, Modus Operandi Design– Asheville, NC
Dan Rider, Cline Design Associates– Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC

and any others that I may have missed. It is an ever evolving group and I definitely look forward to the Monday challenge. Thank you all for reminding me that good design does not occur in a vacuum and reawakening my design awareness. It is all too easy to get bogged down in the mundane tasks of running a business and you have definitely helped brush away the resulting cobwebs of my mind. I truly appreciate our interactions and may we continue to grow in 2015!

exterior-modern-residence-carney-logan-burke-architects 2

And now a look back at one of my favorite finds – Wyoming!

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